What we do


Our services

We support Salesforce users after implementation. With support, training and optimisations, we show how you can achieve your business goals with Salesforce.


Do you choose support? Then you get your own team of consultants and developers who help you with your daily challenges. Your contacts are always the same team members. They will help you immediately, without any hassle.


We offer training for those who want to refresh things or want to take a deep dive into a specific Salesforce cloud or functionality. Do you have a topic in mind? Then we tailor a training specific to your needs.


Are innovative ideas never implemented? We guide you through the proces of projectmanagement from plan to implementation. Start to develop with expert advice, extra workforce and faster delivery.

Discover what we can do

You want to know what we're capable of. For this we offer an audit, free of charge. This is an objective analysis of your Salesforce environment. As a result, you will receive an audit report with clear points for improvement that our consultant will discuss with you. This will give you an impression of what we can do.

“Performing the audit with Gosoniq has given us a very complete picture of the improvements we can make. Gosoniq has dug deep and formed a good picture of both our business and work processes and the current state of our Salesforce environment. They asked questions we had never thought about and the completeness of the audit gives us confidence that we now have a good overview without blind spots."


What you can expect

Direct and personal contact

Intrigued by the audit results? We are ready to assist you. You will be assigned a team with your own consultants and developers. They speak to you personally and assist directly with your Salesforce environment.

We keep it simple

Salesforce is a complex toolset, we know that. That's why we make it simple. After process optimisation, we always do a demo session in which we guide the end users through all the steps to gain their confidence in using Salesforce. 

Fair and square

Honest and clear communication is important. We communicate everything you need to know and you get what you can expect. A piece of down-to-earth mentality we value very much.