Vitality & Assurance

It is important that your Salesforce software is properly secured and kept up to date. Not only by implementing updates from Salesforce, but also by doing the necessary configuration within your organization. GoSoniq offers the possibility to outsource this responsibility.

24/7 monitoring

By actively monitoring the functioning of your Salesforce solution, we can quickly address and often prevent problems. This saves expenses and turnaround time so that you can focus on usage and the desired outcomes. We monitor the platform from both a technical and functional perspective. For example, we look at whether data is exchanged with external systems and how the number of active users develops, but also whether the results (e.g. the turnaround time of handling cases) are in line with expectations.

Update management

Through an impact analysis, we investigate at the consequences of an update on the existing processes. The updates are implemented in a test environment alongside the necessary configurations. As soon as the marketing processes function 100%, the updates are implemented in a controlled manner in the production environment. Updates are usually live within 3 weeks. Additional adjustments and configurations are of course included.

Audits & benchmarks

Your organization and environment are constantly changing. In addition, Salesforce also develops at a rapid pace. By means of audits and benchmarks, we map out where things should and/or can be improved. One such example is the perspective of security or user adoption. We compare the design and usage with your ideal situation, policy and standards. We also gauge how your operations align with best practices in the market. We explicitly define necessary and possible improvements and jointly draw up an action plan to implement them. As a result, you are always in control and do not become a plaything of a system.

Automated Tests

When releasing updates, Salesforce does not take into account your organization's unique setup and integration. To prevent disruption of your marketing processes, it is necessary that the implementation of updates is thoroughly tested. GoSoniq performs automated tests so that any issues are immediately identified. We do this with our Test Automation Tool.

Benefits of Automated Tests:

  • No burdening employees with test work
  • Early feedback prevents transferring bugs to the production environment
  • No human error
  • Unlimited testing
  • Ability to add modules and applications