Training & support

MarTech only pays off when it's being used the right way. That's why GoSoniq offers support that allows your employees to leverage Salesforce's capabilities to their fullest. For a fixed monthly fee, we'll make sure that your daily operations run smoothly.


Training staff is essential. This will prevent unnecessary mistakes and ensure the professional development of your marketing processes. 

Effects of Training:

  • Efficiently designed marketing processes
  • Better vision of automation
  • High degree of independence
  • Data-driven solutions


Helpdesk & Ticket support

Our support department is available 24/7 to answer questions and resolve problems. We do this with We do this with directed coaching in which we take employees through the process of resolving the issue at hand. This ensures that your staff better understands the context of the problem, so that they are able to independently achieve a solution in the future. 


  • 24/7 availability
  • Contact with your own team
  • No band-aid solutions, but sustainable implementations
  • Vacation leave and illness are accommodated within the team 

Active incident reduction

Recurring issues cause unnecessary irritation and loss of time. When incidents occur, we solve them for you for good. Instead of limiting ourselves to only solving the incident, we investigate the cause and previous cases to come up with a permanent solution. As a result, the end user experiences as little disruption as possible.

25% fewer disruptions
and uncertainties