Are you responsible for solving customer problems, customer experiences and customer satisfaction within your company? This training gives you all the tools you need to make customer contact smooth and sometimes even automatic.  

During this training we teach you how to use Service Cloud knowledge and skills efficiently for your service management. We teach you everything about the functionalities that Salesforce Service Cloud has to offer and how you can organize your customer service as efficiently as possible. Afterwards, we ensure that you are completely familiar with Salesforce Service Cloud and all the possibilities and functionalities of the platform, so that you can get started independently. Topics covered include: In any case, we train: the basic principles of Salesforce, navigation, customer data and customer cases. 

After this training:

  •      Do you know the basic principles of Salesforce 
  •      Are you getting comfortable with navigating Salesforce 
  •      Know how to enter, manage and edit customer data 
  •      You can create and manage customer cases 
  •      Can you perform actions in a case

This training is given by

Daniël: I help customers optimize their Salesforce environment. This includes automations, creating dashboards and integrations with other systems. I also help you and your team get the best out of Salesforce through training. What really gives me satisfaction is seeing a team make optimal use of Salesforce. Together with you and your team, we customize Salesforce in a way that suits you perfectly and ensure that it is used properly by end users.