Improved sales processes and capacity planning with Sales Cloud


Warpnet is an IT company specialising in cybersecurity. Due to increasing interest in Warpnet's services, the need has arisen to optimise the collaboration between marketing and sales. To achieve this, the company wants to move to a single platform to centralise processes and data.

Centralising sales and marketing processes

The use of different systems and insights lacked a clear overview of opportunities with existing customers and the changing market. The consequence of missing connectivity was that available data was not properly utilised. This created an urgency to centralise the organisation and automate more processes.

For this, we delivered a customised solution built on Salesforce Sales Cloud. To improve cooperation between the departments, opportunities and threats in the market were made visible through reports and dashboards. As a result, the departments can switch quickly, everyone has up-to-date information and marketing campaigns can be deployed more efficiently.

By streamlining the marketing and sales processes, all of a lead's information is captured from start to finish. This gives me a much better overview of leads, opportunities and ongoing tasks. Most importantly for me, we see that this has increased the success rate of converting a lead.

Rick Luiken – Accountmanager Warpnet

Improved capacity planning

Besides centralising sales and marketing processes, Warpnet was also looking to improve capacity planning of (seconded) staff. With this, they want to use time and resources more efficiently in order to serve their customers better.

To improve capacity planning, we are working on several automations. As soon as Sales completes an order, it is automatically transferred to the planning department. This department has direct insight into the diaries of employees, so that the service to be performed can be planned immediately. We are also working on a solution that provides instant insight into which employees are working for which client and for what length of time.  

Warpnet is an IT company specialising in cyber security. They focus on technology reliability & risk mitigation. Their mission is to make the Netherlands a safer country by making our security knowledge available and actively sharing it with others. It is therefore important not only to act as a supplier, but by transferring knowledge to our customers to ensure that they become self-reliant in the field of Cyber Security. Want to know more? Check out