Automating volunteer registration process


Movement On The Ground is a humanitarian non-profit organisation focusing on the refugee crisis. They are building a safe, healing and empowering environment for those who have had to leave hearth and home behind. Through Movement On The Ground's website, you can contribute to this by making a donation or signing up as a volunteer.

Salesforce as primary CRM system

Movement On The Ground (MOTG) uses Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud, with the process to sign up volunteers and sponsors managed entirely by MOTG staff. The setup of the volunteer process was too complex and labour-intensive for the organisation to make good use of. It involved many manual operations and was not commensurate with the Salesforce knowledge available. As a result, less use was made of Salesforce with the result that customer information was no longer always up-to-date.

The challenge was twofold: to simplify and automate the volunteer process while increasing the knowledge level of Movement On The Ground employees. The focus was on redesigning the volunteer process so that Salesforce would again be used as the primary CRM system. A central place with up-to-date data where the volunteer process is captured from start to finish and employees can use it independently.   

We really enjoyed our collaboration with GoSoniq. Always sharp, quick and punctual in their feedback. They think along with our briefing at all times and look for the right solution. We therefore look forward to our continued collaboration!

~ Kilian Idsinga, Marketing and Communication Manager, Movement on the Ground

Application process volunteer incorporated into flow

To find out which operations could be automated, we mapped the process. With process mapping, we provided insight into which steps are completed manually and where change could be made. Based on these results, a flow was implemented so that a volunteer's application is immediately stored in a central location with the necessary information, such as contact details, experience and motivation for application. This makes the use of another data tool unnecessary. We also took communication traffic out of your hands through email automation. This sends an email with information immediately when a volunteer applies and when the process is completed.

After implementation, we used a demo session to take MOTG's volunteers through the revamped volunteer process. By comprehensively going through all the steps, we create more confidence in using Salesforce. To maintain this, we continue to provide daily support to Movement On The Ground staff even after the completion of this project.

Movement On The Ground is a humanitarian non-profit organisation focusing on the refugee crisis. Determined to bring change in the humanitarian field, they are committed to providing dignified shelter to people fleeing in the Greek islands, Athens, Lebanon and the Netherlands. They do this in close cooperation with the residents of the refugee camps as well as local communities. Wondering what you can do? Take a look at