Cookie statement


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a computer or other device during a visit to a website. Cookies are used to store and receive device identifiers and other information on computers, phones and other devices. Cookies also ensure that the website can function optimally, they keep track of visitor's actions on the website and they ensure that login data is saved.

There are different types of cookies that can be distinguished according to their origin, function and lifespan.

In this statement, we will explain how we use Cookies and what choices you have with regard to cookies.

What do we use cookies for?

Cookies help GoSoniq to improve the use and functionality of the website, to analyze how users use the website and to compile statistics. Cookies also help us show our users personalized information.

The Cookies used by GoSoniq may be modified from time to time as a result of improving and updating our services, but they generally fall into the categories below:

Site features and services

We use cookies to enable features that help us provide the Services. For example: Cookies help us store preferences, know when you have seen or interacted with service content, and provide you with customized content and experiences. We also use cookies to help us provide you with content that is relevant to your location. For example: We store information in a cookie that is placed in your browser or on your device so that you can see the site in your preferred language.


We use cookies in order to give you the best possible experience. For example: Cookies help us route traffic between servers and understand more about how fast the services load for different people. Cookies also help us record the proportions and sizes of your screen and windows and whether you have contrast mode enabled, so that we can display our websites and apps appropriately.

Statistics and research

We use cookies to better understand how people use services so we can improve them. For example: Cookies can help us understand how people use the Services, analyze which parts of the Services people find most useful and interesting, and determine which features can be improved.

Social media

We use cookies to promote web pages on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. On our website you will find buttons to promote these web pages. These buttons work through pieces of code that come from these social networks themselves. Through this code, cookies are placed. We ourselves have no influence on these processes.