Marketing Cloud


Get the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing cloud enables you to set up a personalized customer journey. With data from Salesforce CRM, personal touchpoints are created that provide customers with the most relevant information. On basis of the steps below, we ensure that you are able to get the most out of Marketing Cloud.

1. Collecting and organizing customer data in Salesforce CRM

The first step to a personalized customer journey is a structured and complete CRM. We see that many companies fall short at this stage. This has two causes. Firstly, not all contact moments are used to collect data. In this way they miss out on data that will be needed in the future to serve customers better. The second cause is that a uniform way of working has not been established, so that employees use the CRM differently. This fragments CRM data and makes it harder to benefit from it. Where you should have the right information at the click of a button, you now have to go through data manually and build in filters to get the right data.

Our marketing cloud specialists evaluate your marketing processes to see which interaction moments are suitable for linking to the CRM. Missing links are made, and data is properly aggregated and organized on the customer profile. By maintaining a uniform approach, there are no irregularities in the CRM and the data is ready to be converted into a personalized journey at the push of a button.

2. Using CRM data in personalized journeys

In order to personalize the customer journey, you will have to choose which touchpoints to enrich with data. With a well-stocked CRM, the possibilities for personalization are endless, but mapping out advanced personalized journeys requires insight and combining customer data. Many companies know how to improve the customer journey by using basic data, but offering a fully personalized experience in which the customer feels like he or she is being treated uniquely is difficult.

GoSoniq not only looks at how processes can be improved with CRM data, but also what customer data you have and in what way it can contribute to a personalized customer journey. Thus, we not only focus on improving existing marketing processes, but also think out-of-the-box by expanding and enriching marketing interactions with the customer based on the available data.

3. Custom applications and integrations

Although Salesforce contains a large ecosystem of applications, not every functionality is available. Extensive personalized journeys often require a customized solution to provide the customer with the best experience.

We offer custom applications and integrations to ensure that all your systems can communicate with each other and provide the customer with the most relevant information. For example, we not only personalize the customer interaction with information, but we can also customize interfaces to your organization or the customer. 

4. Carefree updating

Salesforce rolls out updates at three times during the year. This means that existing processes and links often need to be tested for the impact of such an update. This is a time-consuming task, causing many companies to postpone updates or spend many hours implementing them.

With the GoSoniq continuity plan, we take the update management out of your hands and into our own. Through automated tests, we map out the impact of the updates and make it clear which configurations need to be carried out. These are rolled out in a test environment and tested before being transferred to production.

5. Safety as a top priority

Your customer data is valuable, to yourself and to others. Because trust is an important factor in the customer relationship, data security plays a major role. To ensure that your data is safe, Salesforce has taken several measures. So that your data security may go above and beyond, GoSoniq also goes the extra mile when it comes to security procedures.

To best protect your organization, we work alongside Enshore Security. An experienced IT security company with certified consultants to protect your processes according to recognized standards.