Commerce Cloud


Get the most out of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Via Commerce Cloud, you are able to make the online shopping experience of visitors more personal and relevant. Data from Salesforce CRM is used to make targeted recommendations and provide users with information across all channels.

1. Uniform data provision across all channels

Customers today expect retailers to be flexible in their order information. They want to be able to return products purchased online and in-store, and be able to retrieve information about their order via social media. As with all clouds, the basis for this is also laid in the Salesforce CRM with Commerce Cloud. Via Commerce Cloud, you may control the channels through which information is requested and new information is recorded in one central place. In doing so, you are always able to offer customers the same uniform information via all channels.

Our Commerce Cloud specialists are trained to imrpove information provision in order processes. Therefore, we not only look at how to solve currently occurring issues, but also how to prevent such errors in the future. We determine the source of the problem in order to implement the solution accordingly. As such, we use our forward-looking approach to turn incidents into opportunities.

2. Advanced personalization

To personalize the shopping experience, it is important to aggregate actionable data from numerous touch points. This way, you are able to make shopping recommendations to the visitor based on previously displayed behavior. Einstein makes it possible to make better predictions by combining this kind of data from social media and customer profiles.

GoSoniq not only focuses on improving your existing marketing processes; we also employ out-of-the-box thinking in order to expand and enrich your customer marketing interactions based on the available data.