GoSoniq is opgericht door Jeroen Hommes en Martin Koersen. Vanuit Enshore en Cronos combineren zij de kennis en ervaring voor de beste Salesforce support.

Jeroen: “At GoSoniq we want Salesforce to be as pleasant and simple as possible. For this we use the model and experience from Enshore's ERP support. We use the same core values and offer the same added value to customers and employees. In this way we create a self-managing organisation with satisfied customers that offers opportunities to highly educated and ambitious people in the area.”


Martin: “GoSoniq is an organisation where employees and customers bring out the best in themselves. Talent and entrepreneurs should be facilitated, not controlled. We empower people to do what they believe and what they enjoy doing. To give GoSoniq a flying start, we use the Cronos network as a catalyst and benefit from the knowledge of more than 380 Salesforce professionals.”

GoSoniq's roots trace back to Enshore (2009) and Cronos (1991). Two parties that use technology to accelerate the further development of organisations. GoSoniq derives its form of service from Enshore's model. There, the formula to provide the best IT support has been improved every day for years. Cronos brings years of knowledge and experience of Salesforce and a large network of customers and partners with international success within reach.

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